Coolant Flush & Auto Radiator Maintenance

Coolant Flush, Radiator Maintenance, Cooling System

Coolant Flush & Auto Radiator Maintenance

Coolant Flush, Radiator Maintenance, Cooling SystemAt this time of year, I occasionally see cars on the side of the road with the hood up and smoke billowing out of the engine compartment. Yikes – I wonder how long it has been since they checked the fluid levels in their cooling system, performed radiator maintenance, or scheduled a coolant flush. If you want to avoid being stranded with an overheating car, follow the suggestions below.

What Is Auto Coolant?

Coolant is a consumable product made up of an antifreeze and distilled water mixture. It contains chemical additives that help prevent corrosion and rust in your vehicle’s cooling system. It also reduces scale build-up, provides lubrication, and contains anti-foaming agents. However, these additives wear out over time and become ineffective.

What Is A Coolant Flush?

A coolant flush cleans the cooling system of old fluid by continuously forcing pressurized cleaning fluid through the engine, radiator, and heater core to remove contaminates. At this time, a technician will also test the cooling system for leaks, clean the coolant reservoir, and pressure test the radiator cap. Any issues found during this testing can be addressed and repaired. They then refill your vehicle’s cooling system with the correct coolant type for summertime protection.

Which Coolant Is Right For My Car?

There are many different brands and types of coolants on the market today. Using the wrong coolant type can cause multiple cooling systems, HVAC, and engine issues. Always read your owner’s manual or ask your trained auto technician for coolant recommendations.

When Do I Need A Coolant Flush?

Factory-recommended coolant flush service intervals can vary depending on your vehicle’s age and model. Ideally, expect to schedule a coolant flush every 2-3 years or 30,000-50,000 miles. Newer cars may have ‘extended-life coolant’ that can last 100,000 miles. Your service technician can help recommend a coolant flush schedule that suits your needs.

Cooling System Maintenance

Your vehicle’s cooling system protects your engine and air conditioning condenser from overheating. It also plays an important role in the computer-controlled system. The radiator’s efficiency directly affects your engine performance, which is why cooling system/radiator maintenance is so important.

Auto Radiator

In addition to performing routine coolant flushes, your auto radiator can use a little TLC, too. Since the radiator mounts to the front of most vehicles, right behind the grill, the metal fins can accumulate dead bugs, leaves, and other debris. Use a soft, nylon-bristled brush to gently remove the debris. If a build-up of oil, dirt, or road grime does not brush away, consider using an auto radiator cleaning solution available at your local auto parts store.

Auto Radiator Cap

The auto radiator cap is a complex device that seals the top of your radiator. It maintains the correct pressure inside the radiator via a spring-mounted plunger. Maintaining high pressure inside the cooling system raises the boiling temperature of the coolant. If the pressure gets too high, the plunger opens to allow hot coolant to move into the radiator’s overflow tank. When the pressure stabilizes again, the plunger closes. Once the hot coolant cools back down, it condenses, creating a vacuum that pulls it back into the radiator.

Auto Radiator Hoses

Auto radiator hoses are rubber hoses in the cooling system held in place with metal clamps. They permit coolant to flow between the radiator and the engine. The upper hose carries hot coolant to the radiator, and the lower hose carries cool coolant to the engine. These hoses may be rigid and molded to fit a specific vehicle or flexible that can bend to fit into any shape.

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